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About Truthseeker

Post by Truthseeker on Sun Jul 26, 2015 7:40 pm

Hi Everyone.Smile I hope all is well.

Ok, a bit about me. Well I am basically a somewhat single mom of one gorges and mischievous boy. Still married but haven't lived with the dude for over a year now.
I have always been interested in the unknown, supernatural, "si-fi" and fairy tales. But never really had anyone who I could share my interests with. I would say that I am very open minded, I even believe that time travel is possible. occasionally I thought and still think at times that maybe I am mad or something and should "grow up" but I just never could really shake the feeling that there is more out there that meets the eye and anything IS possible.

I am so glad that I have come across this website but at the same time still a bit sceptic as I have been to many people for help and assistance and either they were cons or made my situation worse, a lot worse. Now I am unemployed with nothing really to my name, I have been trying to make things work, tried/trying to get a job, work from home whatever I can do. But all failed. I feel constantly blocked in every avenue and a lot of the time I feel extremely disparate and in all honesty sometimes I just want to give up, but I don't because I think of my son.

I have been searching for ways to improve and possibly change a few things in my live and improve things for my son and I and my family. I looked for spells, though I am not wiccan, I have looked for mantras, I have prayed. I had spells done for me but my situation just seems to be getting worse. Then I searched on Genies. I came across a few "Genie Suppliers" though I haven't purchased any vessels as I honestly don't have any money at the moment and then I came across this website. It gave me a little hope, though I do still have doubt. I also always seem to have senses but nothing comes of it or I am just let down for some reason. (which comes to my feeling/being blocked)

I am just hoping that I do get what I am looking for here and also have people to share my thoughts and beliefs as it is alone from where I am cause no one believes here. I am looking for those who are like minded and I hope that these posts grows its would be really awesome Smile

But one thing I have to say ever since I have been searching and reading about Genies(Djinn) and Dragons and stuff I have been having "strange" dreams. Though I cant remember clearly, but for some reason I know its vessels with these spirits/beings in them. (does that mean anything)


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Re: About Truthseeker

Post by lollio22 on Fri Aug 28, 2015 5:17 pm

I totally get where you are coming from. My situation is slightly different because mine is a health issue but I so understand your frustration and trying to do right but always getting blocked etc..


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